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One of the easiest and most effective ways you can keep your smile safe is by attending your regular dental exams and dental cleanings with Dr. Ki. Don’t let your smile fall into disrepair – find the time and make the commitment to keep your smile safe and healthy. Let Dr. Ki help you keep your oral health healthy, call our dental office at (703) 273-2545 for your dental cleanings and dental exams Fairfax, VA area appointment today.

Dental Exams And Teeth Cleanings Are Important

It is generally understood that it is easier and cheaper to fix a problem if you catch it early. This is true in almost every area of life. It is easier to have a balding tire replaced at the mechanic than it is to pay for a tow truck when it blows out on the road. It is easier to have your computer fixed when you are notified of a possible problem than it is to wait for it to lock up and stop working. Likewise, it is easier to fix a cavity in your tooth or some other type of dental issue when you catch it during a routine checkup than it is to wait for your tooth to get infected, crack, or otherwise fail. That is what exams and cleanings are meant to do. They are a chance for Dr. Ki to look over your mouth and help you identify any areas that require monitoring.

If your mouth is in good health, dental cleanings and dental exams Fairfax, VA from Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC will help to keep it that way. Regular brushing and flossing is great at preventing problems, but you still need to have Dr. Ki look at your teeth and entire mouth at least twice a year to make sure they are safe from danger.

Your Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning

Your exam and cleaning will follow two steps. If you are a new patient, though, you must first complete your new patient paperwork before your exam and cleaning can proceed. You can download these forms before your appointment and fill them out in the comfort of your own home. After your paperwork is filled out and submitted to our office staff, you are ready to begin the exam and cleaning process.

Step #1 – This step is between you and our dental hygienist. You will have X-rays taken so that we can look at your current situation and identify any areas where you might have a problem. You will then have a thorough cleaning. This will help to rid your mouth of plaque and tartar that does not get removed from regular brushing and flossing in between visits. Your hygienist will do a cursory exam of your teeth and take note of any areas that the dentist should take a look at.

Step #2 – Dr. Ki will take over at this point and conduct a thorough exam of your teeth. She will also use fluoroscope cavity detection to find any evidence of decay in your teeth. If she finds any problems during the exam, she will go through them with you and help to lay out a treatment plan to get your smile taken care of.

Call Dr. Ki today to schedule your appointment at (703) 273-2545 . You can use our online form to schedule your dental cleanings and dental exams Fairfax, VA area appointment as well.

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