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"I have been going to Dr. Ki for over three years and have never had the negative experiences that others have written about. I have found her to be patient, informative, and professional. I recommend her to anyone."

- Brod K.

"I had to have a root canal and was I was anxious to get this done, however Dr. Ki made the whole experience so easy. She told me what she was doing the whole time during the and I didn't feel a thing. I won't need any more root canals because now I have no issues going to the dentist!"

- Alyssa D.

"After having been to several practices due to insurance changes, this is a nice place to stay. They are always on time, and their receptionist Christina is fantastic with following up with you about anything and everything. Dr. Ki is kind and courteous and quick...which I really like as well. I am always out of there in less time than I have expected...a real plus for a business in this area!"

- Kara G.

"I have just moved to the Fairfax area and received a welcome letter from this practice and decided, "hey what the heck, i'll give it a try!" I called there office immediately since it had been sometime since I had last had a checkup. The nice young lady was very friendly when scheduling my appointment. When I went to my appt about a week later everything went smooth as pie! Staff is very friendly and welcoming, which is rare! Dr. Ki is very attentive and answered all my questions without being overwhelming. Hygienist was fantastic..super sweet and I even got a goody bag! I highly recommend to anyone in the area. :)"

- Jennifer P.

"I went to Dr. Ki because I had slightly swollen gums, a problem that had been coming on and off for a few years. The practice is excellent. It's quiet, clean, really well run. Everything works as it should.

Dr. Ki was great. She did a deep cleaning (over two sessions, plus a follow up) that has had an amazing effect. I'm much better, completely recovered, and in another sitting should be on my way. She also spent a lot of time with me, went over a number of helpful tips that no previous dentist had taken the time to share. I never felt rushed and the treatment was painless.

The staff was very helpful in answering all the question I had. Overall, I would recommend this office to my friends and family!"

- Maverick C.

"I have been coming to Dr. Ki's dentistry for a long time because she is wonderful, as well as her staff. She provides professional care as she knows what she is doing. I would recommend Dr. Ki to anyone looking for a good dentist."

- Katharine K.

"Dr. Ki and her staff were friendly and has done an excellent job, for my teeth, once crooked, are becoming more straight. I receive check ups every month, and I find it to be hassle free, always leaving me with good results. I would recommend Dr. Ki's dental practice to others."

- Austin K.

"My experience with Dr. Ki was professional and caring. Yes she does charge up front, but I was told that before I continued treatment. Did additional work need to be done resulting in additional charges, yes, but they were explained before we went ahead. I was terrified of going to a dentist because of work done years ago. I shared that with her and her staff and they were awesome about explaining everything and asking throughout the procedures if I was ok, and if I needed a break, I got one. I do not know about unnecessary work being recommended because everything she recommended for me was necessary and the best option. We're there cheaper options? Maybe, but I am a believer in having the best dental and medical care, cause it is my life we are talking about and the quality of that life. Does dental work hurt, yes it does. Was it crippling or lasting for months, nope, it wasn't. I highly recommend Dr. Ki. And one more thing--a dentist who says to beware of a colleague, would be the one I would not listen to or have near my mouth, totally unethical behavior, in my opinion."

- Donna M.

"I may be ignorant to dental x-ray knowledge but when she said I had a cavity, it looked like I had a cavity. In fact, I had lots of cavities.... I take care of my hygiene but hadn't been to a dentist in years and I recently learned my family has a history proving "soft teeth". I originally came in to fix a chipped front tooth which then led to needing many cavities filled in. The job I had covering my dental insurance ended and insurance was to due to expire within the week but I was leaving town the next day. They fit me in at a moment's notice to make sure I got this work done before my insurance ended. Dr. Ki and her office staff saved me so much money and time.... not to mention, it's been 6 months and the repaired chipped front tooth still looks perfect....now as far as knowing the truth of whether I needed all this dental work or not, I don't have the disposable income to reconfirm with another dentist, but what I do know is, she scores your gum health at each tooth and after 6 months, my gums were significantly better than the last visit and I can really only thank her for that."

- Solange K.

"My son had his regular dental cleaning. She explained thoroughly and even found a missing second molar other dentists didn't notice. Her cleaning was great and I recommended her to my family and friends. I give two thumbs up for her staff as well."

- Brandon C.

"I have gone to many Dentists over the past couple of years and I must say I like this practice the best. I'm a big baby when it comes to Dental work, so when I was going for my root canal in May I was nearly in tears. After my root canal, I went back for two more crowns and did ZOOM whitening! She made me feel comfortable enough to do more work with her. Everyone is very friendly and they go above and beyond to give you the best treatment. This is definitely my kind of Dental office."

- Katherine H.

"The staff here is SUPER SWEET!!!

I have never been to a dentist office that was so warm and welcoming. Dr Ki is Great, she explains the procedures very well and thoroughly. I'm very satisfied with my experience here!"

- Ericka E.

"I have been going to this office for a long time and its always a great experience similar to the ones I have had since I started seeing Dr Ki. I have done a lot of work with Dr. Ki and have never had any problems. Everyone in this office is great, friendly, professional and do a thorough job."

- Dina M.

"I've had 3 appointments and always been an excellent service and professional dentist. No issues, after each appointments. First visit, got a temporary crown and a teeth cleaning. Second appointment, extracted two wisdom teeth. Yes, there was bleeding after the extraction but it is normal as it healing and no bleeding the next day. Third appointment, was another temporary crown. Have another appointment on 1/13/14, to get the permanent crowns. Planning to do updates."

- Brandon C.

"Dr. Laura Ki is my third dentist since moving to northern Virginia in 2006. However, she and her staff, by far, are the best! Her staff is very polite and efficient. Most importantly, Dr. Ki made me feel at ease right away. She explained each procedure thoroughly and made sure I didn't have any questions. But this is the kicker: After she removed two of my wisdom teeth, she called that evening around 8 p.m. to check on me and make sure I was okay. Tell me how many dentists you know would do that? Priceless! I highly recommended Dr. Ki and her staff! Bravo! "

- Sonja F.

"My husband and I have been going to Dr. Ki for years and even though we've moved further out, we are still driving into Fairfax to visit her office. I've had horrible dentists in the past and she quickly worked to fix all of the issues when I became her patient. I'm very anxious about any dental work, and have found that she is very patient. We really like her and her practice! "

-Melissa B.

"I went to Dr. Ki's office as a referral from my general doctor. Her and her staff are extremely friendly and go over all of the details before any procedure is done. When I came back for a second visit, they remembered my name and made me feel comfortable. The dental hygienist, Christine, did very well in completing my deep cleaning. It's not easy to find a great dentist, but I would definitely go back to them. "

- Marcus O.

"I've been going to Dr. Ki for several years now. She and her staff have always been friendly, informative, professional and competent in every way. I would highly recommend Dr. Ki to anyone who asks for a good dentist in the Fairfax area. "

- Lauren L.

"I normally don't take the time out to write a review but in this case I felt like it was necessary. This was my visit time visiting this practice and all I can say is all around I received great customer service all around. The receptionist was so friendly and greeted with a smile! When it was time for my apt the Hygienist did a great job! When I left I felt like I got one of the best cleanings ever!! They took the time to explain everything needed and any further treatment I needed. I will definitely return here! "

- Isabella P.

"I went to Dr. Ki for a check up and she was very gentle. Her hygienist was very nice and helpful. She has a really great staff and really welcomes me into the office. I am going to recommend her to my friends. "

- Matthew C.

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