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How good does it feel to lie down and fall asleep when you are tired? It feels great, doesn’t it? That is what sedation dentistry from Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC can give you while you are in the dental chair. The opportunity to lose yourself in a dream and wake up with a better, healthier smile. Talk to us today about how dental sedation can help you. Call our dental office at (703) 273-2545 for dental treatments with dental sedation Fairfax, VA area appointment.

Sedation is Not Anesthetic

Some people get confused when they are speaking about local anesthetic versus a sedation option. Local anesthetic is what Dr. Ki uses to keep you from feeling pain during certain dental procedures. It will numb the nerve receptors in the area, and all you should feel is slight pressure or simply awareness of movement in the area it was applied. Tooth extractions, root canals, tooth fillings, and dental crowns may all require a local anesthetic.

Sedation is different in that it will not numb the area being worked on but rather will relax your whole body. You may know that sedatives can put you to sleep, or at least make you drowsy. Sedation is meant to take the edge of any dental procedure that you are having done and relax you during the process. Local anesthetic may be used with the sedative to ensure that you are comfortable as possible and that you experience a pain-free procedure. Your comfort is the top concern of Dr. Ki and her staff. We will do all we can to make your experience the best it can be.

Sedation is Not Anesthetic

Dr. Ki offers oral sedation at her practice. This gives her the ability to offer two levels of sedation without any additional equipment or staff members. This keeps the procedure in the trusted hands of Dr. Ki, and it also keeps your costs as low as possible. The two levels of sedation we can achieve via oral sedation are:

  • Minimal Sedation – You will be drowsy at this level of sedation, but not asleep. The normal dose required to reach this level is one pill, and the specific medication we use will be dictated by the needs, allergies, and other factors from you, the patient. Unlike inhaled sedatives, oral sedation does not wear off as quickly. This is good for longer procedures but will require that you have someone to drive you home.
  • Moderate Sedation – Taking a larger dose (more pills, or a higher-concentration pill) will put you into a moderately sedated state. Chances are that at this level of sedation, you will fall asleep during your procedure. A gentle shake is all that will be needed to awaken you, but you are sure to be comfortable and rested following the treatment from Dr. Ki. As with the minimal sedation level, you will need to have a ride home if you elect to go under moderate oral sedation.

Helping you be comfortable and pain free in our office is the goal of sedation dentistry from Dr. Ki. Call us today at (703) 273-2545 to schedule your appointment. You can also use our online form to schedule your appointment.

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