The way your smile looks has a lot to do with how well your teeth are aligned. If they are crooked, or if your bite is misaligned, you may find yourself doubting your smile. Let Dr. Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC help restore your smile and your confidence with orthodontics treatment today. Call our dental office (703) 273-2545 for your Orthodontics Fairfax, VA area appointment.

Orthodontic Solutions

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the alignment of your teeth and your bite positioning. A dentist that specializes in this field is called an orthodontist, but many general and family dentists are qualified to perform orthodontic work as well. Some common orthodontic problems we see here at Laura Y. Ki, DDS, PC are as follows:

  • Overbite – This condition is characterized by your front teeth sticking out farther than normal in front of your lower teeth. Many people have a slight overbite, but for those with a moderate to severe overbite, the effect on your appearance can be very damaging. This is especially true for younger patients, who are very concerned over the way they look. Let Dr. Ki help you overcome this difficult condition and reign in your smile.
  • Underbite – Think of an English bulldog’s teeth. That is what an underbite looks like. Your upper teeth fall behind your lower teeth when you close your mouth. While this look may be adorable on a bulldog, it is less than flattering when you see a person suffering from the condition. Ask Dr. Ki how she can help you reposition your bite today.
  • Spacing – Your teeth are supposed to be right next to each other. The gap between each of them should be nearly invisible. While no one has perfect teeth in this regard, some have large, obvious spaces between their teeth. This leads to a compromised appearance, but it may also lead to pain and difficulty eating. Dr. Ki can help you bring your teeth back together and get your smile to where it should be.
  • Crooked Teeth – The most common orthodontic problem that we see is crooked or misaligned teeth. Straight teeth, or even semi-straight teeth, make for a great smile. When your teeth are crooked, though, it will rob you of your confidence and prevent you from looking your best. Dr. Ki can help move your teeth into proper alignment and get you back to smiling freely in no time.

Orthodontic Options From Dr. Ki

Dr. Ki offers three forms of orthodontics treatment: traditional braces, Fastbraces®, and short-term Invisalign treatment. Each one is effective in correcting the alignment of your teeth and getting you the smile you have always wanted.

Fastbraces® : Transforming the shape of your smile in a fraction of the time is now possible with Fastbraces from Dr. Ki. Triangle-shaped brackets paired with square wires creates a much more powerful pull on your teeth so that the root and crown move at the same time! The result? Orthodontic treatment can be completed in a few short months instead of years! Ask us if Fastbraces could work for your smile!

Short-Term Orthodontics : Invisalign from Dr. Ki is a wonderful option for working or busy adults or older children who are worried about the effects braces may have on their appearance. The clear plastic aligners are practically invisible, and they are easily taken out for cleaning and eating. Severe cases and patients who still have dental development going on, however, may still require traditional braces.

Traditional Braces : Traditional braces are the tried and true way of correcting misaligned teeth. They have been around for many years and have gotten more effective over time. They are great for patients of all ages but will require placement of metal brackets and wires that will be visible when you open your mouth.

Call Dr. Ki today to schedule your consultation. You can reach us at (703) 273-2545 , or you can schedule your appointment using our online form.

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